Monday, August 27, 2007

Rain, Rain wonderful Rain

Well we finally got some much needed rain last night, and it was wonderful. It has not rained in the Atlanta area for at least 3 months and it has been scorching weather.

I walked outside this morning, and what a pleasant surprise, it was 87 degrees, compared to the 3 digit temps we've been having. All I want to do all day is sit in the A/C all day, cause it is an effort to move.

Well, the geraniums croaked, I would water them every day, but the sun was so hot, it would dry them up faster than they could drink. Only the strong survive.

Wednesday will be one year since I moved some of the belonging from the house in Florida, and it doesn't show signs of furnishing this place for some time. I am disappointed with all of this, cause I really thought Marcel and I would at least be together in this move. The economy is telling us different.

Sorry I've been such a slacker with blogging, guess my life isn't as interesting as I thought. It has tken me three months to do this blog, maybe it will be another three.