Sunday, September 12, 2010


What made me think that grandchildren should respect their Grandparents? I guess I came from the old school of manners. When the grandparent can't correct the child or the child decides he can just mouth off to the grandparent, shocks me.

Just last week, we had an incident whereby one of our grandchildren, a 20 year old showed so much hate and anger that he no longer wants anything to do with us, yet he has spent many a summer vacation at our house and did whatever he wanted to do, even sleeping till 1:00 p.m. while everyone kept quiet for him. He hardly ever ate with us cause he wasn't hungry then, but when the dishes were done and we were ready to go someplace, he had to look for something to eat. He text messaged on his phone to his friends day and night, even while playing a game of cards with his grandfather. Is this something all kids do? He is not a kid, cause he is over 18.

Well maybe I'm wrong, but I was brought up to respect my elders, even if I didn't like what was said. In todays society they can mouth off and get away with it, and it seems quite all right.

It's pretty sad when the parents have lost control and side with this kind of behavior instead of correcting it, but then again, he probably does this with his parents also.

Maybe he is a lost cause. He cannot take critism even from family, and the reason I think he can't, is, because he is and feels guilty of every thing we talk to him about, and feels he knows better.

One day maybe he will get knocked in the head and hopefully wake up or forever stay ignorant.