Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Surprise Birthday and Reunion Parties

It started in June, Dawn and I were talking about everyone getting together, like we haveen't for some time since families have moved so far away. We were wondering how we could possibly get together once more. Dawn suggested having her Dad's Birthday party in the summer since his birthday falls on Dec. 15th. It is to be his 80th. birthday and quite a milestone for such an energetic person. The only time we could do this was when all of the teachers and pastor and grand and great grands were out of school for the summer, so we called it a dual party.It is so hard to describe how wonderful it was to see what Marcel and me and the Lord has created. The humanity was beautiful and the closeness like I've never seen before. I loved the planning and cooking and help I received from whoever wanted to be in the kitchen, which is the favorite part of my house. Everything was planned by Cheryl, Dawn and me, with sleeping arrangements made between Cheryls and my houses. Because everyone was comming in at different times, we were able to manouver people around for accomodations, and even though uncomfortable probably at times, managed to move through it. There was plenty to eat, drink and plenty of fun and catching up on everyones lives. All of the babies were content due to their wonderful mommies taking care of them and the whole family had their eyes on them. They are the the most polite children you can ever come across, even to the point of Mark kicking his little two year old into the big pool and the baby looking back and saying, "thank you Grandpa" no one could stop laughing at this and commented on it all night.

It was such a success that the family wants to do this again, and we will, we have already found an 8 bedroom house at Norris Lake in Tennessee an are looking into it for a potential reunion. But then again, GranddaughterTracy and hubby found a house with Aunt'Cheryl's help on 2 acres of land with a huge deck and olympic size swimming pool and may hold it there next year, we'll see.

All is quiet now and the house is clean, I can hear a pin drop on the carpeting, and do not like it. As a young child and only one sister, I always expressed a desire to have a large family, and I am surely blessed.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Prisoner etc.

I failed to mention, he broke bail by cutting off his ankle bracelet. He did not tell anyone where he was going. His probation officer kept calling his family to find out what happened, but no one knew anything.
Everyone thought he had turned a new leaf. His grandmother gave up her guest room for him, cooked all of his meals, took him any where he wanted to go. His grandfather bought him a car which he smashed up, his aunt took him for drivers lessons and his license and this was the gratitude he showed them.


I have an ex neighbor who has a grandson that has been in trouble all of his life, number one, his mother never wanted him, and treated him as if he were a step child, the kid was unruly and beligerent, his mother doesn't know know why he is like he is. He never received mother love nor Dad's love cause the parents separated when he was a very young child. Tody he is 23 and doing his second term in jail.

He was accused the first time of raping a young girl, yet it was his girlfriend at the time and short of 1 month turning 18, he has done 4 years for this crime. He was let out in Oct of 2008 and probation would have been over in Feb. 2010, , he lies with a straight face and pretends to be the nicest person on earth to your face, but now it's time to watch your back.He has written over $1,000.00 in bad checks.
He is now serving time in jail and the book was thrown at him. Once a criminal, always a criminal. When a child is not given love or attention, or just given away to someone else, the whole family will suffer.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Everybody loves quilts. They're soft, cozy, and comforting, and they've been around since man decided layers were the way to go. I've decided to try my hand at this craft, and try to express my creativity with a practical bend.

Women that have been in this craft for some time say it is easy. If you can sew on a button or mend a hem, you can make a quilt.

I am only in the beginning stage, and do not know how long this urge will last, but I've always thought of doing this after seeing some beautiful work people have done, hoping I can create something artistic.

I am told not to worry about making mistakes, they only add to the charm of the finished project.

Wish me luck. (I'll need it)

Friday, January 16, 2009


The weather here in Atlanta has turned so cold, I want to cry. It hasn't been this cold in six years according to the weather people, but I am so happy that I don't have to contend with the snow.

Today, I made a big pot of coffee and turned on the fireplace and snuggled with a good book. That's the way I like to spend winter.

We had a very nice Christmas this year, but the whole family was not here. Tim and JP were missing. Tim always adds to our having a lot of laughs.

I am still attending my Silver Sneakers classes, but I don't feel or look any different, when does this stuff show? Come Monday, I have an appointment with Curves, let's see if they can make me curvy. I remember 50 years ago when I had some, but they seemed to have slid away.
Somehow or other, I seem to be getting a message from Marcel that he doesn't like fat people and that is bothering me, I keep thinking, am I going to these classes to please him or me. I know it is healthier to be on the thin side, but as I look at other 76 year old women, I don't seem to look too bad, of course that is my own opinion.
I know people that have been going to these classes for years and don't look any different. What's all the hype?

I know some of our relatives are living in cold country and feel bad for all of you to have to trudge through all of that white stuff, but hang in there, spring will be a season to look forward to.