Friday, July 10, 2009


I have an ex neighbor who has a grandson that has been in trouble all of his life, number one, his mother never wanted him, and treated him as if he were a step child, the kid was unruly and beligerent, his mother doesn't know know why he is like he is. He never received mother love nor Dad's love cause the parents separated when he was a very young child. Tody he is 23 and doing his second term in jail.

He was accused the first time of raping a young girl, yet it was his girlfriend at the time and short of 1 month turning 18, he has done 4 years for this crime. He was let out in Oct of 2008 and probation would have been over in Feb. 2010, , he lies with a straight face and pretends to be the nicest person on earth to your face, but now it's time to watch your back.He has written over $1,000.00 in bad checks.
He is now serving time in jail and the book was thrown at him. Once a criminal, always a criminal. When a child is not given love or attention, or just given away to someone else, the whole family will suffer.


ez said...

Well, I don't agree with "once a criminal always a criminal" since I had been known to shoplift a few things in my youth and I am now a model citzen. But I think you have shown that the lack of attention paid to a child could come back and hurt the whole of society, not just the family.

Marcel said...

Indescretions of youth do not make you a criminal, though some unthinking persons would ascribe that epithet. The wise parent will be watchfull for signs of indescretion and gently steer a child to the correct path, like you will do for Jackson. We can never have enough model citizens.

John Beauregard said...

I also don't agree that once a criminal always a criminal.
I believe a child needs two parents for guidance. A boy especially needs a male role model to show him right from wrong. This holds even in the animal kingdom where a group of male elephants grew up without their fathers or any other male influence and became destructive rogues in adulthood. I admire single parents who manage to raise a child even without the influence of both genders. I wonder what percentage of today's criminals were raised without both sexes?

Adrienne said...

Uh, yeah, I certainly don't ascribe to the "once a criminal..."

Uncle John, I raised both of my kids with minimal support from male role model, simply Kathy and I. They have both had their minor indiscrestions in their teen years, but are now both doing well.

I think everything boils down to not just having parents of different sex or one parent or two parents. But parents who are willing and able to actually PARENT the child in more than name only. Being involved in the school, sports, extra curricular activities and the community.

The saying goes, anyone can be a mother/father but it takes someone special to be a mommy/daddy.