Monday, May 11, 2009


Everybody loves quilts. They're soft, cozy, and comforting, and they've been around since man decided layers were the way to go. I've decided to try my hand at this craft, and try to express my creativity with a practical bend.

Women that have been in this craft for some time say it is easy. If you can sew on a button or mend a hem, you can make a quilt.

I am only in the beginning stage, and do not know how long this urge will last, but I've always thought of doing this after seeing some beautiful work people have done, hoping I can create something artistic.

I am told not to worry about making mistakes, they only add to the charm of the finished project.

Wish me luck. (I'll need it)


ez said...

Kathy and I took a quilting class about 15 years ago whn I was living in LA. It was great fun and you are right if you can thread a needle you can do it. It is time consuming, but you can do it.

I finished the pillow we started (a very large pillow) about 5 years ago. I don't know that Kat ever finished hers (ha ha). Keeping the patterns straight was the hardest part. I did find one mistake in one of my squares but now I have to really search to find it again.

Home-Probe said...

How cool! I'm sure you're going to be great at it. And it will give you an outlet for your artistic energy!

Sean M. said...

Glad to see you back to the blog! You'll have to post pictures of your accomplishments so that we can Ooh and Aah at them.

patb said...

Hey, I'm just learning how to cut quilting fabric, now you want me to put it in my blog? I'd have to learn how to 1. get a camera and 2. put it on a blog. Whew, at my age, it's a wonder I can walk and chew gum at the same time. You ask too much young man.

Sean M. said...

Ha, well I'd be more than willing to help!

Marcel said...

Will we all have to wear white gloves when feeling the quilt?

patb said...

No Honey, wear the pink ones you love.

KathrynVH said...

I loved the idea of quilting, but I was too much of a perfectionist and alas, I have never finished my quilt. Actually, I have never finished my quilts plural, because I later took another class that promised a finished product at the end of the class. This was a machine quilting class. I actually went out and bought a sewing machine and lugged it to the class each week. I never finished that quilt either. For years I purchase lovely material for the quilts I wanted to make. Now my eyes are going and I can't even do cross stitching without glasses, a good source of light and a magnifying glass. I think my crafting days are behind me.

All the same, I'm jeolous that you are undertaking a quilting project and I wish you the very best. I always enjoyed it (except when it wasn't perfect and I made myself crazy trying to do it over and over to fix it.) Take Erika's advice and allow the little imperfections to become endearing reminders of your effort.