Friday, January 16, 2009


The weather here in Atlanta has turned so cold, I want to cry. It hasn't been this cold in six years according to the weather people, but I am so happy that I don't have to contend with the snow.

Today, I made a big pot of coffee and turned on the fireplace and snuggled with a good book. That's the way I like to spend winter.

We had a very nice Christmas this year, but the whole family was not here. Tim and JP were missing. Tim always adds to our having a lot of laughs.

I am still attending my Silver Sneakers classes, but I don't feel or look any different, when does this stuff show? Come Monday, I have an appointment with Curves, let's see if they can make me curvy. I remember 50 years ago when I had some, but they seemed to have slid away.
Somehow or other, I seem to be getting a message from Marcel that he doesn't like fat people and that is bothering me, I keep thinking, am I going to these classes to please him or me. I know it is healthier to be on the thin side, but as I look at other 76 year old women, I don't seem to look too bad, of course that is my own opinion.
I know people that have been going to these classes for years and don't look any different. What's all the hype?

I know some of our relatives are living in cold country and feel bad for all of you to have to trudge through all of that white stuff, but hang in there, spring will be a season to look forward to.


John Beauregard said...
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John Beauregard said...

What you need in Atlanta is a good dose of global warming. Do what we do in California, drive SUVs more, fly private jets and buy bigger, more energy consuming houses then bitch about other people causing global warning. It works! Our high today is 84 degrees.

You say: "I know people that have been going to these classes for years and don't look any different."
Sometimes diet and exercise are not to improve your well being but to maintain the status quo. Those people might look much worse if they did not attend those classes.

Tarren Prange said...

It's the exercise that counts, not the physical changes that result. Your heart and health are benefitting!

We hit 20 degrees today! Much improved over the -17 we had last week. If I didn't have classes starting this week, I think I might have just flown down there =)

patb said...

And you would have bee so welcome.