Thursday, May 31, 2007


They are gasping for water, which I gave them, but they are crying for rain, as we all are.

Our Memorial Day weekend was very nice, at the pool, here at the condo. There is a grill there which Duane successfully maneuvered, roasting corn, hamburgers, bratwurst and hot dogs. Our bellies were full. And everyone had a lot of laughs.

We had an out of town guest who seemed to enjoy the setting, and hopefully he will return soon. The rest of the night was spent watching the big screen in the living room. Ah family and friends are nice to have.


cheryl said...

Who was that out of town guest? Dad?

patb said...

Yep. Whenever he is here, he acts like a guest.

Sean M. said...

We have been praying for the rain too. Thankfully, we have gotten some the last few days, and there is more in the forecast. I'll try to send some your way.

Wish I could have been at your Memorial Day gathering. We will have to do something like that when we're there later this summer. :-)

patb said...

sounds good to me Sean.

Monica said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I didn't know that you had a condo, I always thought it was a house. I do enjoy condo living where,even tho you're away from home, there are always people watching over things. I spent the evening catching up on everyone's blogs, and realized that I haven't posted since May 1 . I'm really quite ashamed, I know my life is not more crowded than most of the rest of you guys, but mostly, there's nothing to report. I hope that you can keep in touch with your blog.