Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Valance

During the Christmas break, sorry Holidays our family was here and we eat, sleep and play games, well this year because it was so cold outside the guys decided they needed some male bonding, so our sons Duane and Tim decided to take the nephews (our grandsons) and teach them something about woodworking, Duane has a lot of equipment in his basement, and both sons love woodworking.
There was not too much complaining or undesirable looks on their faces, so they accepted the challenge. Uncle Duane worked with one boy Sean and Uncle Tim worked with the other, and low and behold a valance was cut and assembled for the living room in Grandpa's and my condo. Voila, now that it is covered and hung, it is beautiful and exactly what I wanted. God bless grandchildren and sons too.

When I can take a picture, I will put it in my next blog so all of you can see their accomplishment.


Sean M. said...

Ahh, the fruits of our labor. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Monica said...

Since I don't have grandsons who can make valances out of just a piece of wood, I'm planning on (someday) installing curtain rods and LOTS of sheer copper-color fabric, and draping all over the place.

Sean M. said...

Oooh, that looks really nice! Good job with the covering; it really fits with the rest of the room.

cheryl said...

Ok, the guys did the wood working, however you and I did the fabric covering. Why don't you want to take some credit for yourself too!! A great job done by all, it looks beautiful.