Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tired of the valance

I can't believe all of you are tired of looking at the valance, I'm not.

I guess it has been a while since I've blogged, but my life isn't too exciting. I do the same old things day after day.

Back in July I was called to Detroit by my nephews that told me something was wrong with my sister, they didn't know what it was, and I was her next closest relative and could I please help them. Well I spoke to her on the phone and knew exactly by the tone of her voice that she was depressed. I told her I would come to Detroit to get her because she wouldn't get on a plane, (no money). I drove to Detroit stayed for 3 weeks and got tired of being there and wanted to come home. The doctor started her on anti depressants, and during an examination found a lump in her R Breast, they did a lumpectomy and found it was malignant and advised her to have the breast removed. I said I wanted to take her to Atlanta to have that all done to which she agreed. We drove back to ATL had her health taken care of, she stayed with me for 5 weeks and then we were off back driving to Detroit. Need I say the drive was long? Well after I delivered her back home, I decided to go to Chicago to see my granddaughter and hubby and babies. Stayed with her for a couple of days then went on to Wisconsin to stay with Dawn and Mark. Her daughter Kelly and Husband Paul purchased a house that went into foreclosure and asked me to help them get it livable, to which I said OK.

While taping woodwork to get ready for painting, I fell from the counter of the bathroom sink and injured my tailbone, that was the end of my working there. I am now under the care of a chiropractor (it's been 5 week) and she said my whole back was sprained. It is still sore when sitting, but getting better. My kids are saying stay off the ladders, but that isn't me. I love to do things like that and the ladder is not my enemy. Isn't this boring?


Gretchen said...

No, not boring at all. Oh nice that you got to go see family. I hope your sister is doing well. I wish I had known you were in the area I would have loved to have seen you, and maybe even gotten your assistance (not labor but ideas) for some of the changes I'm making here.

And I for one am not tired of looking at the valance, very jeaolous and glad to have updates, but I can always scroll down to take another look.

Keep posting!

Sean M. said...

Yes, it's very nice seeing YOU blog again! Although I must say I still like looking at the fruits of my labor (THE valance), I enjoy hearing from you again. I hope you are feeling better, and knowing you, I'm sure you're still on the move doing things you love to do no matter what.

Tarren Prange said...

We were glad to have you visit, and you're always welcome back! By the way, we're getting rid of the carpet in our living room / dining room and installing wood floors. Yeah! Mom is going to help us do the work. Next time you come you'll get to see the fruits of our labor!

Hope your back is feeling better soon. Love you!

Marcel said...

Tarren, Cold carpet floors are not the same as cold wood floors. Many years ago, we all had wood floors and switched to carpet because it was more comfortable. Wood floors need throw carpets just to make some areas more livable.